Human Caused Climate Change Using Stone Spears

by doconnor

According to this interview with Dr. Felisa Smith on Quirks and Quarks, 13,000 years ago when humans arrived in the Americas their hunting dramatically reduced the population of the megafauna rendering many of them extinct, including the Mammoths and Mastodons.

They where able to do this because these species had no exposure to humans and didn’t have a chance to evolve defenses against them. In Africa and Asia the megafauna where able to survive because they had been evolving with humans and their ancestors for millions of years, so as hominids slowly improved, the animals that they hunted where able to evolve defenses against them, like an instinctive fear of humans, so they didn’t become easy targets. In the Americas there had never been any hominids so when humans suddenly appeared, with the benefit of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution for hunting animals, the megafauna of the America never stood a chance. Similar extinctions occurred when humans first arrived in Australia and other places around the world.

The most common alternative theory is that these extinctions where caused by climate change, but that doesn’t explain why populations that lived on islands that did not support human settlement remained for thousands of years longer then those on the mainland, despite dealing with the same changes in climate.

Dr. Smith calculated how much methane these the animals who where hunted to extinction produced and found the amount corresponded with the decrease in methane in the atmosphere that has be found from studying ice cores. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and the production of methane from livestock is a major contributor to the global warming that is now occurring. Removing methane from the atmosphere decreases the greenhouse effect which would cause global cooling. A global cooling even did occur just as the extinction event, known as the Younger Dryas. It appears that humans may have been the cause of that climate change event. (I’ve suggested adding this theory to the Wikipedia article on the Younger Dryas.)

This should give pause to those who assume that the climate is too big for us to be able to effect. It seems we where able to inadvertently effect climate with the simple technology of stone spears. Our technology has become vastly more powerful since then.

It also should cause people who are nostalgic for a more primitive time when we where supposedly in balance with nature to reconsider. Humans, like any invasive species, has always been disruptive to the ecosystem.

"Human Caused Climate Change Using Stone Spears" was published on July 25th, 2010 and is listed in Climate Change.

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Human Caused Climate Change Using Stone Spears: 2 Comments

  1. klem wrote,

    “A global cooling even did occur just as the extinction event, known as the Younger Dryas. It appears that humans may have been the cause of that climate change event.”

    I love watching the left take a ludicrous speculative scientific theory linking the Youger Dryas event to reduced animal farts and trying to say that human activity caused climate change before recorded history. This is the same frame of mind as the intelligent design people or the 911 conspiracy theory people. It makes the alarmists look like a bunch of dolts. Keep up the good work; you make my work as a climate denier a lot easier. Lol!


    Darwin O'Connor Reply:

    Which part of the theory do you think is ludicrous?


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