Letter to the Queen of Canada

by doconnor

Your Majesty,

I am writing Your Majesty because there is no one left to turn to in Canada. Decisions made by the Prime Minister and Governor General have betrayed our democracy. To ask for and grant a request to prorogue Parliament for the sole purpose of avoiding a confidence motion is to defy the democratic will of the Canadian people. In the absence of democratic legitimacy, our Prime Minister is essentially a dictator.

Several years ago, the Paul Martin government tried to avoid a confidence motion for several weeks, until they suddenly agreed to hold one. Thanks to support from a few independent MPs, ultimately they where able to hold the confidence. I always suspected that Governor General Adrian Clarkson had quietly asked the Prime Minister to show he had the confidence of the House. At the time, I felt the delays of the Martin government were wrong, but at least it only lasted a couple weeks.

This time, a confidence motion has been delayed for two months by the action of the Governor General, the very person whose job it is to ensure the Prime Minister has the confidence of the House. I always believe the role of the Governor General was to use her great power to protect Canadian democracy and prevent a prime minister from manipulation the system. The benefit of having a living, breathing person in this role, rather the using a system of rules and laws, is that they can’t be tricked. Yet the Governor General has allowed a Prime Minister to use a trick to keep himself in power. It undermines my confidence in our system.

I do realize that is too late for Your Majesty to prevent this situation, but I humbly suggest that you talk with the Governor General and Prime Minister and remind them about their responsibilities to our democracy and that while the Prime Minister may have substantial power he has the responsibility to maintain the confidence of the House of Commons at all times.

I hope that we can solve our disputes about government without needing to call for Your Majesty’s guidance, but is reassuring to know you are there in case we lose our way.

Madam, I have the honour to remain Your Majesty’s humble and obedient subject,

Darwin O’Connor

"Letter to the Queen of Canada" was published on January 22nd, 2009 and is listed in Government Confidence, Politics.

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Letter to the Queen of Canada: 3 Comments

  1. janfromthebruce wrote,

    Great letter. Thanks for taking action and writing it to the Queen. P.S. Beer in abundance just causes a foggy brain! :)


  2. Kenneth R Colombo wrote,

    …good comparative analysis, Darwin. It was not JUST YOUR CONFIDENCE that was undermined. Some scholarly opinions have advanced that an unhealthy precedent may have been set.


  3. Jose Antonio Alvarado Garcia. wrote,

    Your majesty:

    For me is an honnour to write to you.
    I am mexican, I have 33 years old, and I am living in free union with a girl called Clara she has 29 years old., my daughter is Arantxazu she has 3 years old.

    Right now we have strong economical problems, and Mexico is a very dangerous place to live, I am afraid for murders, Kidnapping and other things happening in my country.

    We can not to walk on the streets feeling security, and there are no jobs.

    I am very interested in to inmigrate next year to Canada, with my family, I need your help.

    If you help us, we will feel very hapy.

    We want to work, and change our level of life, and my daughter to study in Canada.

    Thank you very much.

    From Cuernavaca:

    Jose Antonio Alvarado Garcia.


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