Mobile friendly rss feeds for The Toronto Star

by doconnor

The Toronto Star website recently underwent another revamping. In the process the mobile version of the articles seems to have been removed, or at least I can’t access them from my smartphone. Using Firefox mobile leads me to a crazy page by page view that I suspect is design for tablets. Using the Android 2.3 Browser sends me to the desktop formatted page.

I mostly use The Star’s rss feeds on Google Reader for reading. What I’ve done is create a small php script that takes The Star’s rss feeds and changes the article links to the printer friendly version. They look great on my smartphone. They just have the article text and a picture with no javascript fluff and no ads.

To use it find the url of the feed. It will look something like this:


Take the part after “http://www.thestar.com/” and copy and paste it after “http://doconnor.homeip.net/stariphone.php?r=” to make:


You can subscribe to this link in Google Reader or any other feed reader. Here are some other example links:

Canada News
World News
Chantal H├ębert Columns

You can find the feeds on The Star’s rss feeds page or you can follow the author link of a columnist to get a feed that that writer.

"Mobile friendly rss feeds for The Toronto Star" was published on March 7th, 2013 and is listed in Media, Meta.

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