Rob Ford: Addicted to being Mayor

by doconnor

Rob Ford may not be addicted to crack. It’s even possible he isn’t an alcoholic, just an occasional binge drinker. But I think his is addicted to the adulation he gets from being mayor.

He has admitted to smoking crack in one of his drunken stupors, yet still he refused to resign as mayor. Anyone else would have quit months ago when the video was first reported or when he started losing control. Yet he still subjects himself to the numerous indignities of covering up his misbehavior and then having to confess the truth. His lawyer has claimed that pressure from the media has damaged Ford’s health, when he could have prevented these problems by not binge drinking or, more realistically, resigned to reduce the media pressure on him.

This article suggests many people get involved in politics for the adulation they get.  No doubt in some cases that adulation can become addictive. It would explain why Ford spends much of his time dealing one and one with resident’s problems. That way he can receive that respect and praise directly from individuals, one at a time. It would also explain why he continues to puts himself and his family through this torturous process that is destroying him.

Others, like Michael Jackson, have arguably died from the effects of addiction to adulation. If Rob Ford doesn’t quit, I fear he may not make it to end of his term.

…and back during the election people said Smitherman wouldn’t be any better then Ford just because that had similar policies.

"Rob Ford: Addicted to being Mayor" was published on November 5th, 2013 and is listed in Politics, Toronto.

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Rob Ford: Addicted to being Mayor: 3 Comments

  1. Les Smith wrote,

    I think it could be argued that Ford has been better for the city, because he has been so spectacularly ineffective in enacting those similar policies.


    doconnor Reply:

    That thought has occurred to me. At this point Rob Ford may be more damaging to the city then a competent right-leaning administration.

    I think that the main event of this administration, changing the Transit City plan, would have ended with a similar result but with a much less messy process to get there and with the Sheppard and Finch LRTs approaching complication by now.


  2. JT wrote,

    The mayor of London has been charged with 3 criminal offences, and yet he pleaded not guity and stayed on as mayor.

    Stepping down would be betraying the people who had elected him in the first place, and having the courage to stand up to pressure and believe in his innocence until proven guilty in court, this is the Canadian Value.

    So to summarize, Rob has not being charged with anything, unlike the mayor london; he was elected by the people of Toronto and standing up for what believes in to stop the gravy train; he has not yet completed even one term, therefore, there is no addiction whatsoever in wanting to stay as mayor.


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