Ontario Conservatives, Mathematically Irresponsible

by doconnor

It’s been four days since the mathematical failure of the Conservative’s Million Jobs Plan was relieved, yet strangely it isn’t the top story of the election.

There have been two articles in The Star, but they are “balanced” in that the give equal time to both sides when, in fact, one side is factually correct and one is incorrect. At this point they shouldn’t be asking Hudak if he stands by his numbers. They should be asking if they are wrong because of incompetence or did he attempt to perpetrate a fraud on the people of Ontario. They might even ask if he is going to resign as leader (You’ll notice that New Democrats aren’t hesitant to question their leader in the middle of an election).

To help appreciate the seriousness of the Conservative’s error consider the gas plant scandal was largely over the $900 million difference between the government’s estimate of the cost of $230 million and the Auditor General cost of $1.1 billion. Much of that difference was from the estimates of the starting dates and how to adjust for net present value. These are the kind of thing people could legitimate debate and disagree about.

The Conservative’s error of treating man-years of employment as “jobs” was not a matter that accountants would stay up late debating. It a massive distortion that octupled their job estimate. This error would not be acceptable on a high school paper. To have it as the centre piece of a major party’s platform means incompetence or deliberate lying. To put a dollar amount on it, if they overestimate jobs by 400,000, that would amount to $200 billion per year in income.

During the opening weeks of the campaign the NDP where, rightly, criticized for not releasing a costing for their platform because it seemed like they where going to pay for everything through the same corporate tax increase. Now that they have, the complaints has stopped. However the Conservative Party have not released a costing for their platform, yet no one in the media seems to be complaining.

"Ontario Conservatives, Mathematically Irresponsible" was published on May 28th, 2014 and is listed in Conservative Party, Politics.

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Ontario Conservatives, Mathematically Irresponsible: 4 Comments

  1. kirbycairo wrote,

    The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh doconnor. Capitalists and rightwingers have been fudging the numbers for decades and they almost always get a pass, when the leftwing is a penny out they get a failing grade.


  2. Anon wrote,

    Well said. It is difficult to see how Hudak’s apparent confusion which seemingly led to what has now been widely called his bogus million job creation plan is not either gross incompetence or deliberate lying.

    And yet, instead of complaining or being critical, Andrew Coyne is actually telling us that this is insufficient reason to refrain from voting for Hudak.

    And, as I said in another post, Coyne is actually one of the better journalists/pundits: how sad.


  3. Liam Young wrote,

    This is so seriously frustrating when the media doesn’t lay into Hudak, but they’re all afraid of the pushers of buttons or owned by the pushers of buttons.

    Revolution starts with true public ownership of the media.


    doconnor Reply:

    Unfortunately the publicly owned media didn’t do any better.

    This scandal was unusual in that is could be easily, independently and objectively verified. I guess reports are so used to relying sources giving them quotes, when a case comes along where they don’t have to do that they don’t realized it.


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