Conservative Million Jobs Plan ads removed from Google Ads

by doconnor

I had been seeing Ontario Conservative’s Million Jobs Plan adds on websites for weeks. Some times I would even click on them knowing it would mean money would be transferred from the Conservatives to the left-wing websites I am reading.

I was thinking about what I could do now that we have found out the million jobs are based on bogus math and I realized I could complain to the online ad companies arguing the ads where inaccurate. On the morning of Thursday May 29th I submitted a complaint by clicking on the corner on the ad. By Friday May 30th the Google ads for the Million Jobs Plan has been replaced by ad saying they would control Hydro rates.

The other ad company that has been serving Million Job Plan ads is AdRoll. I submitted a complaint to them through live chat. They said they would look into it, but decided the ad is “not attacking any individuals or groups, and they are promoting their own opinion on policies” so it is in compliance with their policies. I will follow up with them further.

Let me know if you see a Million Jobs Plan ad served by Google. You can tell which ad company it comes from by clicking on the triangle in the corner and clicking on AdChoices.

"Conservative Million Jobs Plan ads removed from Google Ads" was published on May 30th, 2014 and is listed in Conservative Party, Politics.

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Conservative Million Jobs Plan ads removed from Google Ads: 1 Comment

  1. bazie wrote,

    I have been seeing them everywhere, ironically paired with posts on my blog thrashing Hudak’s nonsense of a plan (and love the idea of clicking on them to cost Hudak and benefit us lefties:D. Can’t seem to reproduce it in a dozen refreshes but I will see over the next few days.


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