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Page Last Updated: July 1, 2009.


After several years I've fixed it so that the Vana'dial time is calculated correctly again. It should work for another 5 years or so, until the numbers start overflowing again. I have also added support for the skills and skill chains for Dancer and Scholar.

(As of July 1st, 2009, I've updated it to work with all Palms.)

Quick download here.

Previous Update

I've added a new view for Corsiar rolls. For each job it shows the dice name, effect, lucky and unlucky numbers and a chart with the effect of each roll and the average effect if you double down on that roll.

What is it?

There are many web pages which provide the current Vana'dial time and the timing of in-game events, however when you are playing you have to logout to view them. This PalmOS-based application is intended to allow you to just check your Palm to give you the same kind of information.

What does it do now?

It currently has 12 different views. All views include the current earth and Vana'dial time and there is help available from the menu. Select views from the menu or pressing the left and right buttons on the five way control.

Upcoming Days
Start times for 5 following days, selectable by weekday and moon phase.
Ship Schedule
Departure and arrival times for the four airships, the Mhaura, Selbina, Al Zahbi and Nashmau boats, the Carpenters' Landing barge and the Bibiki Bay Manaclipper.
Countdown Timer
Four countdown timers to allow you to know when your abilities and spells are ready for reuse and a countdown timer for EXP chains. There is also an alarm for two times each Vana'dial day for switch equipment at night.
Ballista Schedule
Start times for 5 upcoming Ballista events, with information on location and level cap, selectable by a level cap range.
Guild Hours
Opening and closing times and locations for the Guild shops and the Colour Chip Goblins.
RSE Schedule
Start and end times for 3 upcoming RSE periods, with information on location and race, selectable by race.
Craft Calculator
Calculates crafting success factors based on the method described by Purplenv.
Element Info
Displays information for each of the 8 elements, including what it is weak against, strong against, colour, attribute, direction and avatar.
World Time
Displays the current time from the Japanese, Pacific, Eastern and United Kingdom time zones.
Corsair Roll
For each job it shows the dice name, effect, lucky and unlucky numbers and a chart with the effect of each roll and the average effect if you double down on that roll.
Time Adjustment
Allows you to adjust the Unversial Time calculation to ensure the Vana'dial time is calculated correctly.
Skill Cap
Lists the skill caps for weapon and magic skills for any job and level.
Weapon Skills
Lists the weapon skills for each weapon including the skill required to use it, the availability and level required for each job and the skill chain groups.
Skill Chains
Calculates skill chains based on weapon, job and skill information for two players.

It requires PalmOS 3.0. On my PalmOS 3.0 based Palm V the countdown timer can cause crashes, but the other functions work. I'd be interrested in report from other using PalmOS 3.0.

Final Fantasy XI Timer for Palm is V1K compliant. Are you ready?

What might it do in the future


The Final Fantasy XI Timer (71,571 bytes)
Source codeftp site During the holidays I may put updated versions on my ftp site

How else can your Palm help you with Final Fantasy XI

Jesus Redriguez created Pilot-DB databases with Elemental Weakness by Monster Family, Magic Burst by Skill Chain and Weapon Skills by Weapon. There are Crafting recipe databases for Pilot-DB here

These databases are in Pilot-DB format, but using DB-Editor for Windows or JPilot-DB for Java you can change or export these databases even if you don't have a Palm. The data can be used to create Final Fantasy XI utilies for other platforms and websites.

I also created a simple database to track the prices of various drops, crafting supplies and crafting products in the auction houses and shops so I know when I'm getting a good price. The columns I used are: "Item" for the item name; "Type" for the type of item, one of Drop, Harvest, Clothcraft, Wanted; "San AH", "Wind AH", "Bast AH", "Jun AH" for prices are the various auction houses; "City Store" for the price at a shops in one of capital cities (the guild shop for guild items or the shop in the city where I have the most fame for other items); "Other Store" for the price at a shop in Jeuno or one of the small towns. Of course not all columns are filled in for all items. You should create a design with the information that you need.

I've started creating a series of databases for Final Fantasy XI based on the data from Mysterytour. Currently there is only Regions and Zones. The zone lists the region, zone type, Outpost location and more.

With the assistance of Hsiu, I have created Plucker versions of the Vana'diel Atlas. It includes the treasure chest/coffers, notorious monsters, logging, mining, excavation and harvesting locations on each map. The files are quite large and you'll probably have to store them on your memory card. The gray map takes up less space, but can be hard to read, espacially when trying to tell the difference between chest and coffer spawn points. You need a Plucker viewer for Palm, Pocket PC or Zaurus.

256-Colour maps (39MB) (Updated: May 8, 2006)
16-Gray maps (23MB) (Updated: May 8, 2006)
The online view of the Plucker version

FFXI Tool for Pocket-PC

This is a Final Fantasy timer for the Pocket PC written by jeffdiogenes (not me). If someone want to update it, I'll host it here, if you want.

Local download of version 1.5b (includes source).
Announcement from the WayBackMachine


This application was brought to you by the letters W and PP and the number 8.

GPL This has been released under the GPL
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