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Page Last Updated: Feb 5th, 2002.

Normal Player is an audio and video player for OS/2. It supports any format supported by MMOS/2. Unlike most players these days, the interface resembles a standard OS/2 application. It is currently in the early stages of creation, so it of limited use, but it can actually play files.

Normal Player is distributed under the GPL and it written in Virual Pascal.

Default settings:
Screen Shot

Customized settings with drag and drop and Control Options:
Screen Shot


Significant update on the Jan 28th. Hot Keys! Menus! Drag 'n' Drop! Icon!!!!!

Update on the Feb 5th. Display Option dialog works and preferences and colors now saved.

I worked on converting the window from a regular frame+client window to a dialog window. Frame+client windows don't support default buttons using tab or arrows to move between controls, while dialog windows don't appear support to accelerators. I will probably go back to frame+client window. (The version currently available for download still uses frame+client windows.)

Is there any way to get the autosize of a button at a time other then create time? I'm reduced to creating temporary controls just to get the new size.


Normal Player (includes source) (README)


The OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project
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