BTTV Recorder

Updated: Sept 26th, 2005


captrec has been updated so that is supports recording frame windows, recording uncompressed, taking the video size from the size of the window and not tie things up when recording. These changes where made to make it more suitable to record actions on normal applications.

What is it?

After try several different approches, I have created a OS/2 program designed capturing the video from BTTV for OS/2. BTTV is a port of the Linux driver for BT8X8 TV-Cards. Unlike most OS/2 TV applications, it does support NTSC.

Unfortunatly the methods it uses are far from ideal. To capture video it screen captures the video window of the BTTV TV application. My attempts to capture the video from the driver failed, as I could not capture more then 10 frames per second. It captures audio from the line-in of your sound card, but it does not include it in the AVI file, but stores it in a separate wav file, because when I try to include it in the AVI file an access violation is generated.

However, since it captures from the screen, it could be used to capture video off other applications.

This application is really hacked together. How much I improve it depends on the feedback I get from users. If is seems like I am the only one using it, I will probably not make any major improvements. If I could find a way to capture video from the BTTV driver, it would also inspire me to make more improvements. If you are having problems using it, let me know and I'll try to help you.

On my 600MHz computer with nVidea Gradd Driver it can capture 30 frames per second 320x240 video with about 10% frames dropped using Ultimotion Real-Time Compression. With a faster CPU, video driver (Sci-Tech) or hard drive it could probably do better.

It is distributed under the GPL and it written in Virtual Pascal.


captrec executable and source
Readme file lists even more caveats
mmiolist Program that lists IO Procs and CODECs currently installed in MMOS/2


BTTV for OS/2
ffmpeg command line video compressor. Supports everything from Ultimotion to MPEG-4.
SR-MJPEG CODEC can encode and decode Motion-JPEG files. Higher quality then Ultimotion, but slower
Gothca! open source screen capturing application. The screen capturing code in captrec is based on the code in Gothca!

Darwin O'Connor