TTC schedule for Palm

Page Last Updated: Jan 4, 2007.

What is it?

The schedules available here are based on the schedules available on the TTC website and uses the Palm offline web browser Plucker for viewing. JPluck 2.1 was used for extraction.

What I did was create a webpage which links to all the bus/streetcar schedule pages avialable on the TTC website. I also created a page for each subway station listing address, platform maps, first and last train time and connecting routes. Then I set up JPluck to extract all the webpages to get all the route pages, route schedules and route maps.

Let me know if you see any problems with these station pages. I could have easily got a time wrong or made some other typo.

The platform maps are from the TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide.

The data files are pretty large, but you can install them to your memory card and Plucker will read them from there.

Let me know how this works for you and what features you think I should add.

Creative Commons License


Plucker 1.8 Viewer Package (SysZLib.prc included in zip)
SysZLib (Also includes ARM support)

Full verion with all routes and maps, 256 colour maps (5.5MB) (Extracted Jan 4, 2007)
Full verion with all routes and maps, 16 shades of gray maps (4.5MB) (Extracted Jan 4, 2007)
Full verion with all routes and maps, monocrome maps (3.2MB) (Extracted Jan 4, 2007)
Small verion with east routes and no maps (1.0MB) (Extracted Nov 1st, 2003)
Small verion with east routes and no maps or station information (700K) (Extracted March 12th, 2003)

TTC System Map, 256 colour (1.5MB, but requires about 1MB of free Palm RAM to view) (Nov, 2003)
TTC System Map, 16 shades of gray (800K) (Nov, 2003)


Homepage used for full verion
JPluck JXL file used to generate these schedules
Plucker 1.8 source code
Plucker homepage
jPluck 2.1.6b
JPluck homepage
Vade Mecum, Pocket PC Plucker viewer
TTC official website
Transit Toronto unofficial website
Tube Toronto a free interactive TTC subway map from Visual IT. See also Tube Toronto Pro

Darwin O'Connor