A Vampire Miyu and YYH crossover


Miyu sat among the bamboo shoots, leaning her head on Larvas lap. "I am so lucky, being a vampire" She whispered to Larva.

"Yes, my dear Vampire Princess Miyu" Larva replied, caressing her unbraided hair.

Shizuru puffed again at her cigarette. "Kazuma, dont you sense something?" Kuwabara shook his head as he placed his pencil to his mouth, figuring the solution to his maths problem.

Shizuru gave a sigh and looked out the opened window, looking faraway into the starry night of busy Japan. The cars sped up and down the road, the streets brightly lit up with street lamps. She put her weight on her left hand on the window sill, holding her cigarette in her right and puffed out another mouthful of smoke out to the open world. "Somewhere out there, near" A thought echoed through her mind.

Akira wondered around aimlessly, led by his inner sense to the bamboo grove behind his traditional looking house, which he and his godmother lived alone, cut off from the world at night. A piercing tune that shattered the night woke him with a sudden jerk. His godmother was still asleep. "Good,", he thought. He put on his jacket and followed the sound of the traditional Japanese flute. It was so inviting, yet a feeling of uncertainty and sadness hung around it. He trampled on the grass and wet soil and headed there blindly.

"He is coming,", Miyu murmured, as she heard distant footsteps. She leaned on some bamboo shoots as Larva took his leave, letting Miyu have some privacy. She sang a little tune in her sweet sing-song voice and played around with the bamboo leaves as she waited for Akira to come. Akira stumbled in and saw her. "Whowho are you?" He demanded weakly, aghast at the sight of a young girl in her night clothes in the middle of the green bamboo grove. Miyu held out her slender hand and said imploringly,


"Howhow did you know my name?" Akira stuttered.

"I just knowI also know that you are troubled. Come and I shall grant you eternal happiness." She said seductively as Akira walked to her slowly as if in trance. "What are you?" He demanded, but his voice became weaker and he looked into Miyus liquid golden eyes which suddenly hit him unmercifully with memories of his past. He collapsed on his knees and supported himself with his hands, as if blaming himself for everything that happened. "I just want my family to be happyOneesan was so good to mewhy did she have to get married to some man that I dont even know? And theythey diedwithout me" He lamented indistinctly at the ground.

Miyu tilted his chin up gently and gazed at him once more. "I am Vampire Miyu. I can grant your wish to be with your sister." With that, she bit his neck in a smooth swiping action and let the warm, rich taste of blood flooded her senses, her mind and herself. At the same time, Akiras mind only thought of one thing, "Oneesan"

Larva appeared soon after Akira fell to the ground after Miyu loosened her grip. "Hell be all right later. He is now in paradisewith his family." Larva took Miyus hand and they walked away, Akira whispering in his illusion-like state, "Oneesan, youve come back to me"

Miyu looked back longingly and went off with Larva. The boys godmother came into view and hastily helped the boy back to the house.

Shizuru felt it again. Her psychic powers peaked her senses. There is a strange kind of Youki around in their area now, which her brother cannot feel. She felt an urge to go by herself, and she did.

She applied for leave from her job as a beautician, to go to an area near Kyoto for a few days stay. Kuwabara was stunned by her sudden request to go to the Kyoto region, but he could do nothing about it for he knew that as soon as she fixes her mind on something, she will certainly stick to it like super adhesive, which even his Rei-ken would not be able to separate.

She stayed with one of her old college friends, who willingly put her up at her home. Shizuru put down her hand luggage, which was the only one she had and took out a cigarette, preparing to light it. Her friend, Kimiko, showed her the guest room. She was living with her parents and was the only child. She pulled out the cigarette from Shizurus mouth and pointed out, "No smoking, Shizuru-san. Gomen."

Shizuru gave a small sigh of disappointment and put the unlit cigarette in her breast pocket. She picked up her luggage and settled in. The sky was already beginning to darken and the crescent moon shone dimly, partially covered mistily by violet tinged clouds. She changed into her night clothes and got into bed after a while of star-gazing, even though the dark night was star-less except for the moon. She was totally worn out after the long train journey. Her thoughts cleared and made way for sleep.

A girl dressed in night-clothes in a traditional style approached Shizuru. Shizuru felt the moist, cold air around her. She then observed the surroundings with slit, sharp eyes, apprehensive of the surroundings. A tall gate supported by two thick pillars stood solidly in front of her. The wind swirled up the fallen leaves of different shades around her. Her brownish-tinged hair flew across her face wildly, forcing her to pull the stray strands from her eyes with her hands. The area was full of trees except for this clearing and the gate gave her a feeling of loneliness and somethingstrange. She could not make out the emotion she was feeling...it seemed as if that her senses were cluttered up, messing up her rational mind. At the top of the two stone pillars, a misty shadow of a girl giggled sweetly at her, sitting in a very girlish manner on the flat surface of the gate. Shizuru awed a little at her, but knew she was seeing something unreal, something virtual. She knew in her rational mind that she was dreaming, but her heart told her that somewhere out there, whatever her psychic senses tell her is accurate. The scenery faded around her, changing back to the surroundings of the bedroom, concrete and dark. She put on a cloak to fight the cold and headed out to the wilderness behind the house quietly in the pitch-black night.

Larva leant back on some bamboo shoots as Miyu sang quietly to herself. "Okaasan" She murmured once more, her yearning for her Mother who passed away soon after Miyus awakening. "Someone is coming, Miyu." Larva mentioned gently as he felt Reiki. Miyu sat up as she felt the strong Reiki pouring out from nearby. Someone emerged from the clump of bamboo and stood there, staring at Miyu and Larva. Miyu quickly dismissed Larva and stepped toward the girl. Shizuru felt the dampness soaking into her legs as the dew on the bamboo leaves brushed against her. She then walked over to Miyu and did not say anything as Miyu expected.

Miyu looked up to Shizurus height as Shizuru looked down. "Who are you?" Miyu asked. Shizuru answered informally, "Im Kuwabara Shizuru, and you?" "Miyu." Miyu replied softly and cautiously.

She then suggested, "Want to find a better place to talk?"

Shizuru nodded her head in casually and pointed to the general direction of an abandoned hut, where Akira and his godmother formally lived, but moved to the city.

Larva looked at them from a tree above and decided not to follow. Shizuru looked back at the direction of Larva and smiled knowingly. Miyu felt Shizurus psychic talent in her and played along.

They sat on the futons and warmed themselves by a fire. Shizuru let her eyes wander around every corner of the house and felt the rough wooden floor with her fingers. A splint stuck on her middle finger and she pulled it to her mouth quickly, sucking it. She took her finger out of her mouth and plucked out the splinter carefully. A drop of blood began to form and dripped on the floor. Miyu looked at Shizuru intently and commented, "A beautiful night, but what are you doing out here?" She adjusted herself into a more comfortable position and faced Shizuru as the drop of red blood created a little wet spot on the futon. Shizuru gave a wary smile of a measured degree and said, "Well, I think the residents of this hut must have moved, due to someunseen circumstances that happened to a young boy of thirteen."

Miyu was a little taken aback by Shizurus knowledge, but maintained her calmness, "The boys name was Akira, and it was said that his parents and sister died not too long ago in a car accident, in which he was the only survivor." She said as her eyes strayed away from Shizurus tight gaze. Shizuru searched around in her pockets for a cigarette, only to be mildly displeased by her empty pockets. She gave her sore finger a small lick with the tip of her tongue and ran a hand through her own hair habitually. "He was a pitiful boy, that Akira, but his godmother was almost as worse off as he is when he came home in a different manner yesterday."

"What do you mean?" Miyu demanded.

"I dont have to say anything, for you know it all.Vampire Miyu."

Miyu leaned hard on her two hands as she fell backwards and gasped slightly at Shizurus accusation. She soon regained her composure and defended herself, "Akira wanted to be with his family, so I fulfilled his longing. He now sees what he longs for in his mind as my blood flows in his, and hisin mine."

Shizuru lifted her hand put it around Miyus shoulders. "You dont have to explain, I understand everything. I can feel what you have felt, Miyu." Miyu shrank back a little at first, but decided that trusting her would be the best. The look in Shizurus eyes was hard to resist, and even Miyu had to admit that Shizuru was winning her trust physically, as well as mentally. She gazed deeply into Shizurus eyes and marvelled at the human. Her own golden eyes blinked a few times, as Shizuru scrutinised her thoughts. A tear slowly welled up at the corner of Shizurus eyes as she loosened her grip a little, and looked down.

Miyu knew what had happened. Shizuru could read her mind, for her memories of the tragic past were too strong to be hidden effectively. It was now her turn to try and console Shizuru, but she did nothing, except to sit there as the two looked at each other in full mutual comprehension, tears trickling down their cheeks slowly as time trickled past their fingers like fine sand.

>From the bamboo grove a few hundred metres away, Larva could feel Miyus emotions and passion flaring up as her memories vividly touched his face behind the mask with milky white hands. He gazed in their general direction and concluded that Miyu had to solve this by herself. With that, he flitted out of sight.

Shizuru dried her tears and gave a smile, one which showed appreciation, wariness and understanding in a warm way. Miyu joined her and followed suit, backing up her feelings with words.

"What is past is past. What is done cannot be changed"

Shizuru continued for Miyu, "The present is before us, and the future has just begun."

A cock crow could be heard from a distance away. The suns warm glow was spreading across the land as she spoke. Shizuru stood up and patted the dust off her clothes. "Till we meet again, Vampire Princess Miyu." She added a sad smile as she stepped out of the hut, leaving Miyu at the doorway, feeling a lump of warmth within her heart to find a human who could understand her past.

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