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Everything you ever wanted to know about Miyu is at the Vampire Miyu homepage. The archives for Miyu stories is at ftp://ftp.cs.ubc.ca/pub/archive/anime-fan-works/Miyu/. Everything that is there should show up here, sooner or lator. For those who haven't seen the Miyu series, do so! Until then I have a brief charactor guide.

Who Framed Vampire Princess Miyu? by Christian Gadeken
Like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, humans and animated characters interact freely. Matthew, a anime set designer and Rob, a head hunter from Disney, are mixed into legal and supernatural trouble when Miyu, now Matthew's secratary, is accused of murder.

Note: The zipped versions contain additional formatting if used with OS/2's Enhanced Editor, but will appear fine when read on any system.

Fortune's Fate (Zipped version) by Darwin O'Connor

Continuing where the OVA series left off, Himiko is hunted by a series of numbers while Miyu tries to bansh yet another Shinma.

Cat-Nip (Zipped version) by Darwin O'Connor
People seem to be turned into cats and Himiko is forced to battle the Shinma that is doing it, alone. Will Miyu show up in time?

BONUS! A great drawing of Bast from Cat-Nip, plus a little cartoon of the final scene. By Kaori Umeda. More of what she's done can be seen here.

The Infatuation of a Shinma (Zipped version) by Darwin O'Connor
Himiko travels to the opening of a new country inn when she meets Miyu, and another stange boy, but what are his intensions?

The Western Shinma-Hunter (Zipped version) by Darwin O'Connor
A new Vampire-Princess arrives to help Miyu increase her powers.

Miyu's Legacy of Power by Phil Yff

The story of the first few days after Miyu's awakening, from Larva's point of view.

A Different Demon by Ben Kosse

Russel Strong, a dying former millionaire, encounters Miyu by a cliff.

A Vampire Miyu and YYH crossover: Meeting by Kurama

A cross-over with Yu Yu Hakusho where Shizuru senses Miyu and seeks her out.

Threads of Desire by Shawn Hagen

Miyu searches for a Shinma, but so does a Kitsune (a female fox spirit).

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