Railroad Tycoon II Saved Game Archive

Page updated Sept 17th, 2001.

The web site for Saved Game file for Railroad Tycoon II. These file are games in progress so you can view railroads that have been built by other players. Hopefully they will help players, both new to the game and expirenced, learn some new ideas and techniques. This site is just for saved games, there are other sites which contain maps and strategy.

Most of these saved games require the Second Century expansion pack, which is included in the Gold and (upcoming) Platinum editions. Unless otherwise noted, the saved games are for the Windows version of the game. You do not need to the map the game was based on to load the saved game.

Saved GamePlayerMapNotes
Darwin O'Connor Mediterranean Basin, modified to allow GG1 locomotives I've been playing this to create a network where I had 100 or more trains. Right now there's only 54 and I've bogged down by engine maintenance costs. Central Spain had some major traffic problems, but I've managed to sort them out with quadruple tracking (or more) while not using a lot of way points.
Darwin O'Connor Morocco - Rails Over the Atlas I was originally only going for silver or bronze, but I was able to get gold in this one. This save is somewhat before I got Gold. I set up distribution points around Azrou Depot and Marrakoch Depot where I send in trains from remote cities with one type of cargo going in and a variety of cargo going back so not saturate the city with one type of cargo.
Steven M.Heartland AutoHere is my post-gold Heartland Auto map. There's lots of cash available to build some basly needed new track and stations. It's also possible to merge the 3 companies on the spot. It's a bit of a puzzler though. See note.
John SchwarzStyria 1840This is a typical example of one of my games. Over 200 trains, excellent relations with the Monarchy and Public, good control of all other companies and a hint on the gold medal shortcut.
Toby RoweAlaskaMy diffuculty was set to expert, playing with maximum competition, which gave 190% difficulty, and I ignored the proper 2 recommended starting towns, which gave a final score of 570
GwizzChinaA game described here, with the goal of owning all rail on the map. Two maps are included, before and after the final merger. With 1300 trains, it takes a long time to load and run.

If have a saved game you are particulary proud of email me it in an attachment and I'll consider adding it to my site.

Darwin O'Connor doconno@gmail.com