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Page Last Updated: June 25th, 2004.

xine is a unix video player that I am porting to OS/2. Right now it is currently less useful then other video players for OS/2, but it should be able to play MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 videos. MPEG-4 videos and MP3s also might work.

In keeping with the ideals of the OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project, xine for OS/2 is an MCD (Media Control Device), which means it doesn't include a user interface, but can but used by video players that fully support MMOS/2, including WPS Play and Normal Player. WPS Player doesn't currently work.

View the Readme for more information.

xine supports many formats, but OS/2 doesn't support most of them yet. I would be interrested in what formats you want xine to support first. I want to work on the file and stream based formats before I work on the optical formats like CD and DVD because they should be easier. Email me with your suggestions.

In the coming weeks I may put updates on my ftp site. For the very brave I've included access to my development directory.


I made some updates on my ftp site a few months ago, but it has been down most of the time, so I'm putting them here. The updates are described here and can be download here. The update should only be added after xine rc2, below, has been installed. The source below includes the updates.


xine rc2 for OS/2
xine rc2 for OS/2 source
source for pthread library modified for xine
Patch against xine rc6a


xine homepage
Normal Player
The OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project

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